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Client Testimonial

There are ten thousand choices to make when you’re renovating or decorating a new home. Fortunately, if you nail the first one, the rest of them get a lot easier. Hiring Chiavaro Design is among the best decisions we’ve ever made.

You can look at Stacy Chiavaro’s portfolio and see that she has impeccable taste. What you can’t know until you work with her is that she’s an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is a font of creative ideas and elegant solutions. She’s unflappable, efficient, and fast. She hits the budget numbers you decide on together. And none of that would be enough if she weren’t also something of a psychic.

After only a few meetings, Stacy zeroed in on the sweet spot between my taste, my wife’s taste, and good taste. She “got” our house before we did, and helped us discover it together. From the color of the grout on the shower floor, to the art on the walls, and everything in between, Stacy was there. When we had a strong vision she was there to support it. When we were lost she jumped in to present a curated, manageable array of options. Under her guiding hand, the unwieldy, massive job of remaking our home became a treat instead of a chore.

We still hear “Wow” a lot when people walk into our house for the first time. Fortunately, the pity and concern we used to sense behind that word has been replaced with genuine appreciation for the amazing job Stacy did. Out of the thousands of decisions that went into the overall design, there isn’t one we plan to change. There’s a sense of peace that comes with that feeling of the job being done to our complete satisfaction. It’s a sense of home. We have Chiavao Design to thank for that.

Jason Tracey, TV Producer & Writer

2017 Chiavaro Design